Grannys Studio is proud to announce the making of the documentary, Old Molly: A Railroad History in South Carolina

Over the next months, we will be capturing video, audio and collecting images from the years 1900 thru 1940 and then we will start putting together the documentary. 

The documentary is about the railroad that ran from McBee, SC to Jefferson, SC from 1900 thru 1940. The first train that was used on the railroad was named by all the locals as, Old Molly.

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 David Middleton


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August 27, 2012

Thanks to all for the kind words at the Middleton Reunion. It was much appreciated. I have now restored the Middleton Family Porch picture and the William Canty Middleton and Emily Threatt Middleton Couple picture to high definition for large format printing. 

1 Glossy Print - 24' x 36": $70

   Smaller prints are available too.  

Grannys Studio is proud to now announce the DVD Release of "Middleton: A Pictorial History" Click on the Contact button on the left side and call or email me to get your copy of the DVD or a Large Format Glossy Print. 

1 DVD Package - (includes DVD, Key and Package Envelope) : $7.00 Donation

Please enjoy "Middleton: A Pictorial History" below.


August 5, 2012

Grannys Studio is proud to announce the digital release of "Middleton: A Pictorial History". After 8 months of scanning and editing hundreds of photos, the movie is finally finished. We have also setup a Facebook page dedicated to the project. Check it out here.  The DVD Release will be at the Middleton Reunion on August 26, 2012. 

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        My son, Kory and myself setting up the PA rig at Bryan and Christy's wedding.           

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Jeff Norwood 

1961 - 2012