Sandhills Air Cargo is pleased to announce our new flight simulator products for FSX and P3D. This new venture is called SAC Digital. Under this new name, we will be creating addons and scenery for FSX and P3D. The first product under this new venture is called SC Lite. SC Lite will comprise of updates and complete redesigns of airports, cities and towns throughout the state of South Carolina. Click here to go to the new page setup just for SAC Digital. Enjoy.


         A web page dedicated to our love of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. FSX has truly went beyond a game, with the various add on planes and scenery files; with the core program, making this just an awesome simulation. Because of this unique situation, my friend, John Weber and myself have started a Virtual Air Cargo Airline called "Sandhills Air Cargo" or SAC. We host a server normally on Weds. nights at 8 pm Eastern and Sunday evening at 4 pm Eastern.  Although we are from Southeastern US, we normally fly cargo hops in the Northwest area of US and we ALWAYS use all the ORBX Scenery programs in the northwest US featuring the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Fjords, Northern Rockies and Central Rockies and hopefully many more to come. We also recommend and use REX Essentials. Although we fly mostly short hops with float or wheeled planes, occasionally we fly heavy metal to some of the larger airports in the scenery. Our very first plane we designed for the fleet, with the SAC logos, was the Lockheed Martin L-188 Electra Turbo Prop Plane. It is a freeware plane that can be found here. Lockheed L-188 Electra Cargo Version. Go to the FLEET Page below, to download the SAC version too. 

If you would like to help us out, click on the "Donate" button below. We appreciate any help and THANKS!!!

Just so everyone is clear, this is NOT your typical virtual airline. Think of it more like a bar/lounge atmosphere where you can chat, be relaxed and just have a great time. We normally just put together a few airports that we can "hop" to when our server is live and handle virtual "cargo" operations. You can either fly with us or just to the airports we choose in any order you like or you can just come in and chat and "chill". These flights will not be logged or anything like that. Again, it is mainly just for fun with us. We like using Roger Wilco for voice but we do have Teamspeak 3 as well if needed. We prefer Roger Wilco though. It's just more simple for our operation.

Please feel free to contact us using all the methods below. The server info is also below.

Visit our NEW FLEET Page.

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We have voice communication through Roger Wilco. Have microphone ready and Download at:

Email us to get the IP Address for Roger Wilco or join the game and we will give it to you then.

Roger Wilco is NOT a must. We let all players communicate via the game chat as well. Looking for players of all ranks. If you are new to any of our games YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!'




Running non-Dedicated Servers on Direct Connect in FSX 

Our IP and Info can be found at or click the picture link below.

Once at the site, scroll down the list till you see Sandhills Air Cargo

If you need instructions for Direct Connect, click the link below.

FSX Direct Connect Help

When we are not hosting a server, check out our good friends over at FSX Beyond Gamespy for our server info and all the other online FSX Multiplayer servers. 

SAC Gaming recommends REX 4 Direct for FSX Scenery...IT ROCKS

We also recommend FTX/ORBX Scenery


Even though we mostly fly FSX, we occasionally like to play Battlefield 4 and we host a dedicated server for it. See the info below. It is hosted as =EAS= Gaming and is co owned by my good friends over at


Battlefield 4 Dedicated Ranked Server:


Battlefield 4 Dedicated Server Sponsored by =EAS=............My awesome new friends in Battlefield 4

Click on the Paypal logo above to help out on the Server.......THANKS SO MUCH GUYS and Gals.

Battlefield 4



Please visit all the makers of fine gaming products below. Their websites will keep you up to date with patches, add-ons, video drivers, and lots of other goodies for your gaming enjoyment. Click on the links and pictures and enjoy all the companies have to offer. of the Nvidia Video Graphics Cards of the AMD Motherboards and ATI Graphics Cards .............Makers of Extreme Gaming Computers on a Budget!!! Maker of Extreme Gaming Computers on a Budget!!



=EAS= also has a dedicated server running Microsoft Flight Simulator X................

THANKS =EAS=....................You guys ROCK!!!


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